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Katherine Staten

Author & Speaker


Katherine Staten promotes trauma consciousness and healing from grief and loss. Her dream is for everyone to be able to approach trauma and grief and triumph over thoughts and feelings that have the potential of hindering us

from bright futures to enjoy.

Kathy would like to live in a world where these topics can be discussed and addressed openly with the end result of improving the quality of life for individuals, families and communities.Her ultimate goal is for those who have experienced early trauma in family life to heal and live dynamic lives.

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This book, Descendants of Dysfunction aims to start conversations about family life that may be difficult. It seeks to let the reader know that despite family dysfunction, they can still be dynamic.

The book consists of abbreviated stories of dysfunctional biblical families, and “is this your family” sections as a way to relate to and overcome modern day family dysfunction and promote healthy family relationships.  


Descendants of Dysfunction

$25 - includes shipping and handling.

It is the author's hope that readers will be encouraged to move beyond pain to healing and live dynamic lives.

Individual and/ or family goals can be formulated that will help you heal, be dynamic and become the spark your family needs to develop healthy dynamics that promote healing for generations to come.

$25 - includes shipping and handling.